Don't Trip
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I recently purchased a cassette-deck from a local IT engineer / hobbyist up-keeper of these sorts of relics. 
It's no secret that I adore grit & fuzzy texture, on display in abundance throughout my graphics. After years of searching for some way to infuse analog texture, warmth, compression.. something ‘real’ into my music, I feel like I've arrived. 
These days, I’m printing my music through the cassette machine before re-recording back into Ableton for mastering. I love the imperfections of tape, but also the permanence. As a frequent over-tinkerer, I’m appreciative of not being able to go back to tweak endlessly. The music stays more true to how I liked it sounding while initially making it. 
I encourage you all to figure out how to add more limitation into your creativity. I’m infinitely more inspired to pursue making music and exploring sounds.
Lovebirds On A Monday
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‘Lovebirds on a Monday’ is a two track EP that borrows the same vocal samples and throws them into two completely different styles of track. The first is a warm, fuzzy-textured, orchestral hip hop ballad, the second features an eerie jungle-drum build up before mangling down into an epic house-tempo anthem.
When I’m creating music, I often play around with placing samples into completely different contexts. The result often surprises me and allows the opportunity to pick & borrow elements from scraped projects that would have never otherwise seen the light of day.
I love these two songs together, I think they exemplify the types of sounds I love these days – trap hat hip-hop.. upbeat house music.. with endless washes of delay & reverb tying it all together. Both these tracks were printed & mastered through cassette tape.​​​​​​​