Westwards [EP]
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"Westwards" features four tracks covering various genres, tempos, and sounds. There's a bit of everything: acoustic guitar numbers for driving down backroads, dance songs for summer night hangs, and breakbeats laced with spacey meditative pianos for deep contemplation (or to pass the time at the DMV).

Two shorter and two longer songs sandwiched together, were produced with a mix of digital instruments and analog effects during January and February of this year.
Main Squeeze
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This one is dedicated to my best friend & life partner. There’s snippets of a voice memo recording I secretly took when we were entertaining ourselves in a tent, on a stormy night, during a 8-day hike down in Huaraz, Peru last year (she doesn’t know I recorded it and will most likely feel some sort of embarrassment – but I promise it’s intended to be endearing).

Phew, it’s been a minute since I put out some music. Since then, I've made albums worth of music & scrapped it all, I played around with new production techniques & analog equipment, all in hopes to find myself in some new sonic territory I could call home. 

This song does that for me. It was made in over 2 short days and I tried as hard as I could to prevent myself from overcooking it. I'm learning to chase emotion and to follow what feels right, even if it defies standard practice. Don't expect more from something that already feels magical. It just is what it is. Observe, appreciate & learn from it, then just move onto the next creative episode.