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I made this album over the past year to commemorate the end of my 20s. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been making music (and graphics, in various capacities) for close to 10 years. As I turn 30, I’m feeling obnoxiously reflective and proud of the last decade of my life. I wanted this album to capture how I feel: that I’m thankful of the past but more inspired than ever to keep exploring my creativity.
This album has tons of sounds from my trips to Costa Rica & Germany: from the sounds of the jungle to discussions with my Grandpa about his pond’s water system.
One of my favorite activities these days is recording ambiences of various places on my iPhone’s Voice Memo app. Every recording feels like capturing a moment in my life, reminding me of specific moments in my life every time I listen. I love tucking these low in the mix, as sonic textures that add a subtle noise (and more importantly, feeling) into every one of my songs.