A set of images to accompany a thought-leadership piece on circularity in design ecosystems. This one satisfied my inner MC Escher aficionado.

1) True circularity is fiction

2) The reveal

Multiple Lives: “As designers, we can craft products that are able to have multiple lives or uses, including designing add-ons or modular transformations, or designing for disassembly so that they can easily be remade into something new.”

Digital Product Passport: In the EU, Digital Passports aim to make clear the environmental impact of products and their supply chains through digitally-accessible data, but they also hold these products to higher standards of sustainability.”

No one size fits all: “A range of different circular strategies are there for designers to use – and it means looking at each product, each situation, in order to apply the best one.”
Expanding our views of circularity: “Effective politics are vital. On an industrial level, change must come from not just designers but from governments.”